Open Innovation

In mid-2019, a new R&D&I collaboration programme begins in LABORATORIOS ERN.

The board of directors plans to extend the traditional R&D of LABORATORIOS ERN with a new commitment for the investment and development of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector, collaborating with centres of excellence, hospitals, universities, and start-ups.

The company has defined a territory of interest that includes those therapeutic areas that maintain a certain synergy with the company’s growth. The aim is to bet on the future of science in our country, promoting access to the market for biotechnological and/or innovative projects to cover unmet health needs.

Innovación ERN

Territory of interest

Although we are open to consider all opportunities within the health sector, a territory of interest has been narrowed down as follows:

  • Infectious diseases:
    Diagnostic kits
    Preventive Health
    New therapeutic alternatives
    Reprofiling of medicines
  • Microbioma:
    Projects that covers a therapeutic need by the administration of new generation probiotics.
  • Paediatrics:
    ERN Laboratories is a leader in paediatrics and has extensive knowledge in this sector. For this reason, we are committed to the generation of new products for this type of patient.

  • Medical devices

  • Sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry:
    We are open to consider packaging, manufacturing, or other alternatives that could help to the sustainability of the products and the company. 

Value proposal


An annual budget has been approved for investment in projects within the defined territory. We would also consider projects outside this territory as long as they maintain certain synergies with ERN.

Type of relationship

This would be done by entering into a commercial arrangement, as an advisor sharing expertise in the industrial sector or acting as a purely financial investor.


The company has, among others, Regulatory departments, a commercial network in Spain with more than seventy sales representatives (pharmacies and hospitals) and a galenic department.

GMP Facilities

We have GMP-certified facilities in which new products could be manufactured.

Challenge generator

We have participated in various events to promote research and present real problems in the pharmaceutical industry to researchers.

Current colaborations

Laboratorios ERN, S.A. differentiates its partnerships and/or investments into two types:

Since the beginning of this new stage in R&D&I, Laboratorios ERN, S.A. has invested in two start-ups, and is currently collaborating with a centre of scientific excellence, IBEC (Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia), for the development of a medical device for wound healing.

At the same time, it has participated in programmes to promote research and technology transfer, such as:

Innovación ERN

Centres of excellence

Start-ups and Spin-off

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