Who are we

We are an independently owned pharmaceutical company

LABORATORIOS ERN, S.A. is an independent, 100% privately owned pharmaceutical company. It is an autonomous laboratory, since they own the vast majority of its drugs, and covers all phases:  development,  manufacture and commercialization.

LABORATORIOS ERN currently places more than twenty million units on the Spanish market, which positionate it among the top twenty-five laboratories operating in Spain, according to IQVIA..

Most of these medicines are defined as “traditional medicines”: with time-tested safety and efficacy characteristics, fully valid today and with a low price for the patient. For example, it markets penicillin (Penilevel® sachets and capsules), which is still the antibiotic of choice for the treatment of strep pharyngotonsillitis according to most Spanish medical societies. It should be noted that more than half of the fifteen million medicines it manufactures, and markets are intended for children, including some, such as Apiretal® and Citorsal®, that are familiar to most parents

Looking ahead

Despite the special variability of the pharmaceutical environment, LABORATORIOS ERN looks ahead, cautiously but confidently. This vision of the future involves, on the one hand, the continued expansion of its product portfolio and, on the other hand, the internationalization of its medicines. To highlight an ambitious European project that aims to expand the company to several European countries. Also at international level, agreements have been initiated with numerous European, American and Middle East countries, for the export of medicines with active ingredients such as Fosfocina® parenteral (EE.UU), Furantoína® y Amantadie Level.

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