Strategic policy

The patient's need as
the focus of our development

Politica estrategica - Laboratorios ERN

Strategic policy

Since its beginnings, LABORATORIOS ERN has focused on finding the therapeutic needs of healthcare professionals and providing them with medicines they can trust, both for their quality and their ease of use and acceptance by patients.

For this reason, LABORATORIOS ERN constantly develops new medicines, mainly aimed at the paediatric market, having incorporated a considerable number of them recently in the national market.

These new medicines are achieved through in-house product development, known as organic growth; an example would be the development of the range of Cito-oral® rehydration serums. Another example would be through the creation of new pharmaceutical forms in order to ease the administration of the drug and its palatability, such as Apiretal® orodispersible tablets, for older children, which are tablets that melt in the mouth without the need for water and have a nice flavour.

In addition, LABORATORIOS ERN invests in drugs with a traditional profile, which have been on the market for years and have an unquestionable efficacy and safety profile, but which, due to their age, are no longer attractive to the laboratory that developed them, but which are still in full therapeutic use. Recently, drugs such as Rupafin®, Dacortin®, Fortecortin® and Disgren® have been purchased.

Strategic keypoints

Another of the strategic keypoints is based on obtaining licences in line with our portfolio that help to improve patient compliance with treatment. An example of this is Metalgial®, the first metamizole drops launched in Spain in 2012, which allows dosage according to the child’s weight and has a pleasant taste. At the same time, products are licensed to other countries such as Pedicetamol, the well-known Apiretal® drops marketed in Poland.

At LABORATORIOS ERN’s facilities, most of our products are manufactured in accordance with GMP standards. The recent inauguration of the production facility in Barberà del Vallès has made it possible to manufacture, store and distribute products to third parties.

Today, this philosophy is present in each of the decisions that LABORATORIOS ERN takes, small or large, thinking that the future is always the sum of many presents.