Pediatric Specialists

More than half of our medicines are for children


Looking ahead

Historically, the success that LABORATORIOS ERN, S.A. has achieved with medicines in the paediatric field, such as Apiretal®, has led it to specialize in this patient segment and to propose and contribute innovations in this field.

Currently, half of the twenty million units marketed by LABORATORIOS ERN are intended for children, making it the pharmaceutical laboratory with the highest number of prescriptions in children up to 4 years of age, and the third largest in children up to 11 years of age.



Pain / Inflammation


Alternative treatment


Special features

Medicines for children are different from those for adults, for example, the amount to be administered to children is not a fixed dose but usually depends on the child’s weight. Therefore, these paediatric medicines should have a number of features to facilitate their uptake and ensure compliance with treatment. Examples are good palatability (how it is perceived in the mouth) to avoid rejection by the child or a liquid dosage form (to facilitate swallowing therefore, less security).

Dispensing and dosage

It is also advisable that paediatric medicines incorporate dispensing systems that ensure correct dosage according to the child’s weight, to avoid problems of underdosing (giving less quantity and therefore therapeutic failure) or overdosing (giving more quantity and therefore less safety).


Whenever possible, these medicines should be packaged in formats appropriate to the duration of the treatment and with safety closure systems to prevent accidents.

Children are not "small adults" when they take medicines

Laboratorios ERN

Apiretal® oral solution

Apiretal® oral solution 30 ml incorporates a dropper as a dosage system especially designed for babies. It also incorporates a safety lock to prevent accidents.

Laboratorios ERN

Graduated oral syringe

Oral syringe graduated according to the child's weight measures the dose to be administered to the child according to its weight. This avoids problems of under- or overdosage. This dosing system is the first, and, so far, the only dosing system in Spain, incorporated into the medicines Apiretal® and Apirofeno®.

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Citorsal® is a medicine for rehydration. At the time, it was the first drug in this category with a good taste.

Laboratorios ERN


Metalgial® is the first metamizole in drops in Spain, which allows dosage according to the child's weight, with a pleasant raspberry flavour.